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Awesome Auras 

Did you know that auras are a type of electromagnetic energy emitted by all living things (including plants) that surround our bodies? The aura is also related to the chakras ~ the energy points along the spine. We all have an aura which reflects our emotional condition and our state of health. Some people are able to see auras and are able to interpret a person's physical and mental state. The clearer the colour is, the more positive the energy that is being emitted. Cloudy, murky or pale colours in the aura are likely to have a negative meaning. Breaks in the aura, or large dark patches, can mean the onset of a physical illness in that area of the body. The area nearest the body tends to refer to the person's physical state; the layer of the aura which is further away tends to refer to the mental or spiritual state. Take a look at the aura shown below which was 'seen' and 'read' by Jan Linch, Director and Principle of http://www.aurora-therapies.co.uk How would you interpret it?

Aura reading

To help you decipher it you may like to know that different colours within the aura have different meanings which can broadly be interpreted as follows:

Red ~ Positive: energy, passion, activity, enthusiasm, courage. Negative: anger, repressed emotion, lacking energy.

Orange ~ Positive: confidence, warmth, optimism, compassion, independence. Negative: sadness, indecision, low self esteem, loneliness.

Yellow ~ Positive: open, articulate, creative, enthusiastic, knowledge, intellect. Negative: stress, anxiety, secretive, nervousness, dishonest, manipulative.

Green ~ Positive: healing, balance, nurturing, loyal, patient. Negative: jealous, sensitive, emotional dependency.

Blue ~ Positive: bringer of peace, just, altruistic, good listener, idealistic. Negative: naïve, inflexible.

Purple ~ Positive: intuitive, healer, preacher, spirituality and psychic awareness, dedicated. Negative: prone to day-dreaming and worries over little things.

Pink ~ Positive: peaceful, gives unconditional love, harmony. Negative: sitting on the fence, no sense of direction, seeing other people's point of views to the detriment of their own, sensitive.

Of course, knowing what each individual colour represents is only part of learning to 'read' an aura. The first challenge is to be able to 'see' it! Next, you need to understand the shapes, directions, positions and intensities of colours in order to establish anything meaningful from them. For instance, anger can be seen as red spikes in the aura and cloudy or murky patches around the head can mean worries, or headaches. Many people and psychics can see people's auras, and you too can learn how to see your aura using certain exercises like sitting in front of a mirror in a dimly lit space and letting your vision drift out of focus.

Kirlian photography is a technique developed in Russia in the 1930s which shows auras on film and recent technological advances are now bringing this exciting branch of photography into the digital age. Everyone has colour in their aura – their true colours. There are both positive and negative meanings to all colours and the individual concerned has the choice as to how they use them. The colours in your aura can often reflect your mood or your personality. How you feel ‘inside’ can affect the ‘outside’. For instance, if you are feeling down and low, what you are feeling ‘inside’ is negative. Perhaps you are feeling ‘Blue’. If you are feeling angry or frustrated perhaps you are ‘Seeing Red’. Perhaps you are feeling ‘Green with Envy’.

These negative vibrations of energy go out into your aura and thus can ‘change’ your ‘true colours’ and also your personality. You then have the choice of remaining in the negative frame of mind, or you can change. If you are feeling good ‘inside’ then the affect will be felt on the ‘outside’ in a positive way. You can feel at peace with yourself in the Blue, or full of enthusiasm for life with the Red, or balanced and in-touch with nature when you work with the Green. Or perhaps your are ‘feeling in the Pink’.

Scarlet Pixel are are delighted Starchildto recommend the courses and workshops run by Jan Linch who has been working world-wide as a Colour Therapist, Lecturer, Healer and Teacher for many years. Jan has been fascinated by colour in particular since early childhood and her book ‘Starchild’ (ISBN 0953541703) is the result of being able to see auras since childhood. Her work and experience inspired her to write this book on the colours of the aura, and how they relate to many other topics. It answers many questions such as where we came from, what our purpose is in life and where we are going.

Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound 
HealingHer second book, ‘Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound Healing’ (ISBN 095354172X) explains more about her work with colour, detailing the healing technique of the same name that uses colour, magnets, crystals and sound. It includes explanations of how each therapy relates to the chakras and to each other.

Ancestral Messages Within The
DNA In a previous competition, Scarlet Pixel were able to give away a unique prize, a copy of Jan's third book, 'Ancestral Messages Within The DNA' (ISBN 0953541762) ~ but this was no ordinary copy... it was personally signed by the author herself especially for our winner. Our question was: In the aura reading shown above, which colour indicates a large area of 'Knowledge'? Would you have known the answer?  Our winner was 'Julie' of Chesterfield in Derbyshire, who gave us the correct answer which was 'Yellow'.. Jan has dedicated this beautiful work to her Mum and this long-awaited book will help readers to understand who they are genetically as well as spiritually, and how scientifically, people can be helped to understand their DNA and change it should they choose to. It contains a commendable balance of scientific and holistic teachings. It has been written in layman's terms (as all of Jan's books are), and her own down to earth sense of humour shines through its contents.


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